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Boys will be boys volume 2 by Mark Reid and Wiser
Boys will be boys volume 2 by Mark Reid and Wiser

Back by popular demand part 2 of Boys will be Boys by master Artist Mark Reid.
This exciting DVD is all about the ever so popular tattoo desgins that boys love!
This dvd contains popular tattoo designs for face and body from tribals to flame sleeves. Everything any boy would love to sport at any event. As a special treat, we introduce Wiser from Denver, Colorado. An intense graffiti Artist who has brought Body Art to the next level, Wiser will share with you some awesome tricks and designs to help take your work to the next level.
We know this will be a great addition to your DVD collection
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DVD - Mark Reid Boys Will Be boys
DVD - Mark Reid Boys Will Be boys

Mark Reid Boys will be Boys Face Painting DVD
Having grown up with four brothers, mark is keenly aware of what it takes to bring out the “little monster” in boys and in this DVD; Mark will educate and entertain you with designs created for boys.
His unique style of teaching includes “progressive faces” in which he demonstrates how to take a basic face and then turn it into additional faces by simply adding a few details.
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DVD Body Painted Corsets with Mark Reid
DVD Body Painted Corsets with Mark Reid

Corsets by Mark Reid
Master painter Mark Reid’s new DVD shares with the viewer his tips and techniques he uses for creating a corset. Painting a basic corset, Mark demonstrates how to embellish further with replicating lace and transforms a corset into a single sleeve top. Mark demonstrates tools of the trade including paints, sponges and pasties.
This one hour 38 minute DVD is edited for easy navigation with particular segments in a menu and includes a slideshow of Mark’s other corset designs.
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DVD- Mark Reid - Blue Jeans
DVD- Mark Reid - Blue Jeans

Learn to paint jeans from the master of Blue Jeans, Mark Reid of the USA.
A very detailed and comprehensive DVD which will show you how to paint a realistic pair of jeans in easy step by steps.
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Jinny Face Painting DVD #1
Jinny Face Painting DVD #1

Are you looking for fast and fabulous face painting ideas that look like they took a long time? Jinny has the answer in this first DVD in her self-titled series. She has created a variety of new designs and tattoo ideas for boys, girls and adults. Most can be painted in just a few strokes, but the results have that ‘wow’ reaction. With Jinny’s instruction and the right tools, you can easily master these designs and develop your own creative style.
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Jinny DVD #2- Creative Ideas
Jinny DVD #2- Creative Ideas

This is a really beautiful dvd full of fantastic and amazing ideas from the one and only Jinny.
I still remember my first time watching this DVD- I think I had my mouth hanging open the whole time!!
Really beautiful and inspirational designs and ideas for boys and girls- there is also a section specifically on technique that really helped and I got a lot out of.
Highly recomended
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