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Amerikan Body Art Henna Balm
Amerikan Body Art Henna Balm

Amerikan Body Art Henna Balm
Apply this to your henna body art designs before bathing to help prevent exfoliation.
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    Sku: AMERIKAN BODY ART HENNA BALM Browse Category: Henna
Body Art Transfer Kit
Body Art Transfer Kit

Create transfers for quick and easy body art. You can use them for henna or for freehand glitter tattoo designs or for transferring complicated logos/designs onto body painting projects.

Kit Contents: (30) pieces of 4" x 6" tracing paper, (2) hectograph transfer pencils, (1) dual size pencil sharpener, (30) alchol swabs, Comes with full instructions
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    Sku: AMERIKAN BODY ART TRANSFER KIT Browse Category: Henna
Hectograph Transfer Pencil

This is the same type of pencil used by professional Tattoo artists to create transfers. Print out your chosen design. Put a piece of tracing paper over the design. Use the hectograph pencil to trace the design onto the tracing paper. Wet the skin with rubbing alchol. Press the transfer face-down onto the skin. Peel off the transfer and go over the outlines with your henna paste. This is a soft pencil, so you should use a cosmetic pencil sharpener or a knife to sharpen it.
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    Sku: HECTOGRAPH TRANSFER PENCIL Browse Category: Henna
Henna Style Tattoo Cosmetic Ink
Henna Style Tattoo Cosmetic Ink

$13.99 - $13.99
Mehron has just released this newly formulated Henna-Style Tattoo Cosmetic ’Ink’. This new Henna-Style Tattoo Cosmetic ’Ink’. is safely made with quality ingredients that are water resistant and will not rub off. The Henna-Style Tattoo Cosmetic ’Ink’ can be used for temporary Tattoos in the tradition of Henna Art or for crafting tattoos for performers in theater, television or film. The Art of Henna Body Art can be traced back to the Bronze Age and has become tradition in celebrations, parties and festivals in various cultures throughout the world. Now, the Leading Makeup Company, Mehron, has produced a Professional Henna-Style Cosmetic Tattoo ’Ink’ for your costume party and celebratory needs. This non-tacky cosmetic ’Ink’ offers excellent coverage, and is sold in 5oz bottles. Henna-Style Tattoo Cosmetic ’Ink’ can also be used for Body Painting and Face Painting.
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    Sku: HENNA STYLE TATTOO COSMETIC INK Browse Category: Temp Tattoo Ink
Liquid Bling or Henna empty applicator bottle

These are the applicator bottles used for liquid bling or also for applying henna.
A great squeezy bottle with a fine tip for fine lines.
Price is for a single bottle. The henna bottles have been redesigned to have a smaller nozzle so no longer come with the metal tip as its no longer needed.
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    Sku: LIQUID BLING OR HENNA EMPTY APPLICATOR BOTTLE Browse Category: Glitter Gel Liquid Bling
New! TAG Organic Henna Kit
New! TAG Organic Henna Kit

All Natural Organic Henna Kit from TAG Body Art.
Its easy to make your own Henna paste with this Kit from TAG Body Art- with Certified Organic Henna powder and Lavender Oil you can be sure you are putting the best product on your skin with no nasty chemicals.
Contents of the TAG Henna Kit are as follows...

100g Organic ECO/CERT Lawsonia inermis (Henna) leaf Powder

30ml Pure Organic Lavender essential oil

1 x 15ml Cosmetic grade Glitter, in a puffer bottle.

12 x Cellophane sheets, for making Henna applicator cones

2 x Pre made Henna applicator cones

1 x carrot bag to assist in loading the cones

Instructions on how to mix Henna, and how to roll a Henna cone.

Kit will make up to 12 medium henna cones.
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    Sku: TAG HENNA KIT Browse Category: Henna
Basic Henna Kit
Basic Henna Kit

This starter kit contains everything you need to make a batch of henna paste on your own (except lemon juice and sugar) as well as step-by-step instructions and design ideas.
It makes enough henna paste to create over 100 henna tattoos.

Kit Contains:

35g jamila Henna Powder
(Picture shows boxed henna- our current shipment has the henna in a bag)
1.5 dram Essential Oil Blend
carrot bag
one sKweEZie Applicator bottle with a 0.7mm metal tip
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    Sku: Z BASIC HENNA KIT Browse Category: Henna
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