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Mehron Barrier Spray
Mehron Barrier Spray

Mehron Barrier Spray
A moisture resistant spray for spraying over finished face / body paint/ make up to seal the make up and help prevent it rubbing off.
Also can be used under body paint to help prevent sweating and protect sensitive skins from prosthetics, glues etc- also great for make up artists as you can use to set regular powder type make up
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    Sku: MEHRON BARRIER SPRAY Browse Category: Accessories
Mehron Mixing Liquid
Mehron Mixing Liquid

This Mixing Liquid is a liquid base for mixing with dry pigments such as Mehron Metallic Powders. Create a liquid application that dries completely with our Mixing Liquid and dry color pigments. The metalic powders mixed with the mixing liquid is what they use for those super shiny gold statue body paintings- the colour is bright, super metallic and super shiny.
This is also a great product (with the metallic powders) to paint on jewellry and metalic highlights for your designs.
The Mixing Liquid holds for extended periods of time but still washes off easily with soap and water. The Mixing Liquid enables you to make unique liquid makeup for special projects in body painting and face painting.
Mehrons NEW Improved Mixing Liquid now contains a Fixative.
Once dry the makeup is wear resitant and looks fantastic

Available on its on or with your chice of metallic powders.
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    Sku: MEHRON MIXING LIQUID 133ML 4.5 OZ Browse Category: Powders Iridescent and Metallic
Mehron Spirit Gum and Remover
Mehron Spirit Gum and Remover

Spirit Gum Liquid Adhesive has been used throughout the Theater and Movie Industries for decades. This amber colored, alcohol/resin liquid adhesive is used for applying prosthetics, Crepe Hair, wigs, fake noses and bald caps. The acting professionals use Spirit Gum Liquid Adhesive by Mehron because they know they can trust the standards that Mehron has set in the industry since 1927 by producing the finest quality Spirit Gum Liquid Adhesive that won’t quit in the middle of a Performance or Movie Shoot. The Spirit Gum Liquid Adhesive in a .125 oz bottle with a brush for easy application is the exact same Spirit Gum Liquid Adhesive that Mehron produces for the Makeup Artists on the sets of Major Motion Pictures. Spirit Gum Liquid Adhesive is removable with Spirit Gum Remover (included).
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    Sku: MEHRON SPIRIT GUM AND REMOVER Browse Category: Special FX
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