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TAG Split Cake and Rainbow Palette Set
TAG Split Cake and Rainbow Palette Set

Palette Case Plus insert
1 each of
Regular Split Cake 50g
Pearl Split Cake 50g
Neon Split Cake 50g

Black Iris 1 Stroke 30g
Pansy 1 Stroke 30g
Dragon 1 Stroke 30g
Rainbow Four 1 Stroke 30g
Snake 1 Stroke 30g
Unicorn 1 Stroke 30g
Berry 1 Stroke 30g
Magnolia 1 Stroke 30g
Rose 1 Stroke 30g
Magpie 1 Stroke 30g
Leaf White 1 Stroke 30g
Ocean 1 Stroke 30g
plus TAG one stroke brush
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    Sku: TAG FULL 12 SPLIT CAKE AND 3 RAINBOW PALLETTE SET Browse Category: Face Painter Kits
TAG Glitter Tattoo Party Pack
TAG Glitter Tattoo Party Pack

Great for a party or also if you would like to give glitter tattoos a try,

5x15ml ’Puffer’ Bottles of Fine Cosmetic Glitter
1 x Cosmetic Adhesive in easy applicator vial
20 x adhesive stencils (designs will vary)
Sweeper Brush
Easy Step by Step Instructions
All in a convenient storage bag
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    Sku: TAG GLITTER TATTOO PARTY PACK Browse Category: Glitter Tattoo Supplies
TAG Professional Face Painters Kit
TAG Professional Face Painters Kit

$299.99 - $359.99
This is a fantastic kit with a great range of face paints from TAG with 35 items.
A great kit to get out there and paint beautiful bright faces. This kit will cover many hundreds of faces.

Items included in the TAG Professional Face Painters Kit are
-TAG 90g Regular - Black and White
-TAG 32g Regular - 15 Regular colours in Red, Pink, Orange, Mango, Yellow, Light green, Green, Teal, Powder Blue, Light Blue, Royal Blue, Lila, Purple, Brown and a lighter skin tone.
-TAG 32g Pearls- 9 Pearls in the following colours- Pearl Rose, Orange, Yellow, Gold, Silver, White, Green, Blue and purple.
-TAG 50g Pearl Rainbow
-TAG 30g Split Cake- Regular Rainbow
-TAG Sponges 1pkt of 10 halves
-3 Glitters- Gold, Silver and Sparkle White
-TAG #12 Filbert Brush (great to use with your spliut cake and to paint larger areas quickly)
-Loew Cornel High Quality Brushes #3 and #4 Round

Option of addition of the full range on TAG Neon colours at check out (additional $60.00)

Professional waterbased high pigment makeup
Has excellent coverage , maintaining brightness, with lighter colours
clearly showing, when used over darker colours. (great for linework too)

All paints are non toxic ,skin safe and FDA ,EU approved.
Simple to use, easy to remove.
    Sku: TAG PROFESSIONAL FACE PAINTERS KIT Browse Category: TAG Regular Colours
TAG Starter Kit
TAG Starter Kit

A great kit to start out your face painting journey. Also great for parties, fundraisers and playgroups.

This Kit includes
-TAG 12 Colour Pallette (12 TAG Classic colours plus 2 TAG Face Painting Brushes)
- Pkt 10 TAG 1/2 Sponges
-TAG 50g Pearl Rainbow
-TAG 30g Rainbow Cake (regular)
- TAG Sparkle White iridescent glitter
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    Sku: TAG STARTER KIT Browse Category: TAG Regular Colours
TAG Starter Medium Face Painters Kit
TAG Starter Medium Face Painters Kit

This is a great kit to start off with on your face painting journey.
1x TAG Professional Pallette case and insert
11x TAG 32g regular colours- Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Light green, green, light blue, royal blue, purple, black and white
1x TAG Pearl 32g Gold
1x TAG 50g Rainbow Cake
1x #2 Loew Cornell Round Brush
1 x #4 Loew Cornell Round Brush
1 x #12 TAG Filbert Brush
1 x pack of TAG sponges
1x iridescent white face painting glitter
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    Sku: TAG STARTER MEDIUM FACE PAINTERS KIT Browse Category: Face Painter Kits
Basic Henna Kit
Basic Henna Kit

This starter kit contains everything you need to make a batch of henna paste on your own (except lemon juice and sugar) as well as step-by-step instructions and design ideas.
It makes enough henna paste to create over 100 henna tattoos.

Kit Contains:

35g jamila Henna Powder
(Picture shows boxed henna- our current shipment has the henna in a bag)
1.5 dram Essential Oil Blend
carrot bag
one sKweEZie Applicator bottle with a 0.7mm metal tip
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    Sku: Z BASIC HENNA KIT Browse Category: Henna
Displaying 1-6 of 6 Found.
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