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BAM Bad Ass Mini Stencil Classic set of 45
BAM Bad Ass Mini Stencil Classic set of 45

The next level of face painting has arrived!
Bad Ass Stencils by award-winning makeup artist and body painter Andrea O’Donnell are a range of fantastic shape and texture stencils used to enhance your face painting (and body art) designs.
This set comes with the original 45 stencil designs(stencil numner 1001- 1045)
The stencils include all sorts of amazing textures to add dimension and interest to all your face painting designs from a butterfly wing to a spotty cheetah to a scaly dragon and add extra impact to your work.
Each set comes with a handy chain to link all the stencils in a set to keep them neat and tidy in your kit.
The possibilities of each design are limited only by the artist’s own creativity.

Bad Ass Stencils are made of a durable yet flexible 7 mil mylar plastic. The material is medium-weight and about the thickness of card-stock. The material is thin and flexible enough to achieve outstanding detail when stenciling...
yet strong enough to clean and use many times. The material is solvent-proof and suitable for brush and sponge painting or a airbrush.
Apply with face paint on a sponge in a dabbing motion (not too wet) to add wonderful highlights and textures to your designs. Cleans off easily with soap and water or a baby wipe.
Highly recomended!

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