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Amerikan Body Art Hair Tinsel Colour G- Metallic Green
Amerikan Body Art Hair Tinsel Colour G- Metallic Green Add some bling to your hair! Hair Tinsel is tied into the hair, no glue or clips needed. With care, they can last several weeks, even through washing, drying, and flat ironing. Professional sylists and body artists who apply hair tinsel for their clients may charge anwhere from $2 - $4 per strand. Most people like to have anywhere from 6 - 10 strands attached.

The main concerns for making the hair tinsel last longer are to be careful to not snag the strands with a hairbrush, and to not over-condition or apply "hair serum" which makes the hair shaft slippery. Even with care, some people will lose their hair tinsel faster than others.

This is a pretty good YouTube video that shows how to apply hair tinsel:
However, we (Amerikan Body Art) have tested this product thoroughly on friends and family and here are some tips that may give you even better results than what is explained in the video.

#1 - Many of the videos suggest to attach the hair tinsel to a single strand of hair. We have found that the hair tinsel lasts longer if you use 3 - 5 strands of hair.

#2 - After the initial slip knot, the videos show that you create one knot with the hair and the hair tinsel and then one knot with just the two strands of hair tinsel. We have found that the hair tinsel stays much better if you do 2 or 3 knots with the hair and the hair tinsel and then 2 or 3 knots with just the hair tinsel strands

Eventually, we hope to have our own video available to show our technique for attaching hair tinsel, but there are many more videos available on YouTube.

Each pack contains approximately 240 strands. The strands are 40" long. They can be cut in half to use on shorter hair. The strands are tied in the middle with a red string. Do not remove this string. Simply pull out one strand of hair tinsel above the point where the bundle is tied together. This way, your hair tinsel stays in a tidy bundle

Depending on your hair, you can expect the tinsel to stay in for 2-3 weeks (sometimes longer)
However If you want to wear a few strands for ONE NIGHT ONLY, for a party, or special occasion: We recommend tying the first knot only. Do not double-knot the strand in. If you tie the first knot only, you can remove them by holding the knot between your fingersnails and sliding them off the hair it is tied to. If you double-knot the strands, they will stay in your hair until your hair naturally falls out on it's own.

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