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Pashur XRAY Body Art creation tool
Pashur XRAY Body Art creation tool The X-Ray is a Body Art Creation Tool consisting of a set of 4 template tools which allow you to come up with different and unique body paint designs.
If you get stuck for ideas or just want a new tool to help you come up with something new then this is perfect for you. You simply place one of the templates over a magazine page, a painting, scrapbooking sheets or patterns from fabric stores and designs will pop out right in front of you that you didnít know where there - thus the X-Ray tagline "See the Design Within".

There are 4 templates in the set...
Female Body Form - Perfect for coming up with full body designs to paint on women.
Male Body Form - Awesome for coming up with full body designs on men.
Pre-Natal Body Form - Great for coming up with memorable designs for expecting mothers.
Torso Form - This is great for Nightclub or Biker Events or even just painting a logo on a model for a client.

This product is literally going to change the way many people do body painting forever and it is so simple to use. With this product you will literally NEVER run out of ideas of what to paint ever again.

This product is great for all levels of painters - beginners to master painters.
I personally really like this product and think its a must have for body painters everywhere

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